URL Preview

PS4 Feature

PlayStation 4 Feature: URL Preview


URL Preview is an awesome feature that enables the seamless sharing of content on the PlayStation platform. URL Preview helps users share links to their favorite content by displaying a preview of the content inside the url once posted.

Working on this feature with my team at PlayStation was an incredible experience. I was responsible for parsing the post information and then display the url preview image along with its title and short description. I was also responsible for many edge cases when posting, what happens if the url does not return a thumbnail and description? what happens when you post a link to a restricted website? What happens when you post multiple urls? Just to name a few. Lastly I was also tasked with writing code to keep track of statistics of how often our users click on the links.

I do not own the copyright to this code and therefore cannot link to it, but this feature is currently live so if you have a PlayStation feel free to check it out! 80 million users already have!