Hackathon Dashboard


Hackathon Dashboard: An open-source tool for hackathon management


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Hackathon Dashboard is an incredible tool I made while I was the Head of Technology of HackUMass, one of the largest collegiate hackathons in the state of Massachusetts. Dashboard, as we call it internally, is a swiss army knife for hackathon organizers that allows any small hackathon to easily scale their logistics by automating cumbersome tasks.

Hackathon Dashboard is a Ruby on Rails web app, some of the most useful features are registration, hardware inventory, hardware checkouts, mentorship, check in, and many more. I started building Dashboard by myself and as the team grew, dashboard became an awesome project that really helped us build a hacking community at UMass Amherst. Today, Dashboard is an open source project on GitHub! Helping many hackathon organizer scale their events and focus on what matters most, the hackers.