Who to Follow

On The PlayStation Console


Who to follow is an awesome way for PlayStation users to explore new content. With the simple click of a button, users can get recommendations on who they should be following based on what games they play, what content they interact with, what is currently popular on PlayStation and verified users that they might like.

I had a lot of fun developing this feature along with my team at PlayStation as I worked there as a Software Engineering Intern. I personally was tasked with creating the Reminder Tile (Depicted in the first screenshot) the purpose of it was to increase engagement from users to use this new feature. The tile greeted people as soon as they logged into their playstation with the headline “Follow on PlayStation” and once the tile was clicked it would lead you into The Who To Follow page (depicted in the second screenshot).

In the Who To Follow page, I was in charge of a lot of the edge cases, such as what happens if our server doesn’t return content? What happens if the thumbnails don’t load? Or What happens if we try to follow a user and the request fails? Further than the edge cases, I also contributed to the design of the feature itself, and was tasked with implementing the button layout map that allows users to know what each type of button does in the application.